Become a Boxer!

Are you tough but fair and honest? Resilient? Disciplined? Love treating people well? Play well in teams? Understand that we at The Box do everything to make each transaction seamless? Can you admit mistakes, learn, and grow?

Boxers take care of our customers. Boxers take care of each other. Boxers ensure our food is the highest quality. And boxers speak their minds so we get better and better as a team.

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  • Boxer

    you want to work in a fast paced environment with tons of knowledge about our food, our brand, and our mission. Each day you bring a hard-core dedication to the customer first attitude that makes The Box successful. Whether front of the house or in our open kitchen, you make the backbone of The Box each shift.

  • Lead Boxer

    you take charge of a small team each shift and make sure everyone is supported and trained to achieve a successful day and each customer is the happiest they can be. You lead the charge, handle minute to minute issues and ensure questions get answered quickly and honestly.

  • Boxer Team Captain

    you work diligently each day to make sure the entire store functions like a well practiced team of dedicated hospitality professionals that understand the food, ambiance, and hospitality needs to be more than the best each and every shift. Your control costs, you control shift labor, and you support and mentor all the Boxers.

  • Boxer Strategist

    you oversee multiple stores and develop strategies to make those stores the best! Highly competitive you won’t take mediocre for results but strive each day to improve performance and ensure all staff have meaningful engagements with The Box. You assemble the best teams and develop them.

Some of the perks of the Box

Our Philosophy

Great employee engagements lead to great hospitality. We train, test, and support. We have never paid anyone working for us minimum wage. EVER. We believe you can have fun in a great work environment and enjoy coming to each shift. We like to problem solve and have zero tolerance for shenanigans that don’t provide the highest level of professionalism among coworkers and the best attitude toward each customer.

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