The Story


In a way, Asian street stalls that inspired Asian Box were the first sustainable restaurants. The proprietors purchased everything they needed fresh for the day and pushed their carts to market with the day’s bounty. They would sell everything they made fresh each day and start again tomorrow. We want to create that fresh, made-to-order experience in an authentic, healthy way.

Why Asian Box

Lifestyle Asian Cuisine

At Asian Box we are on a mission to create an exciting dining experience without compromise. We envision food that not only is authentic and tastes great-it’s also made with healthier, fresher ingredients. Good for people, our community, and the planet.



From Farm to Box we share our customers concerns about the origin of their food and are proud to be part of the growing movement of restaurants that are promoting transparency in modern supply food chain.


Open kitchens mean customers see our staff preparing their meals, fresh and made to order.


We share our performance with our staff so they can further enable our mutual success and better serve our customers.


We want to engage each and every customer to ensure our mission is clear and acknowledge that all feedback is valuable.


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