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Daily Menu

House Favorites Please No Substitutions

  • The Garden Box

    Extra tofu, brown rice, extra steamed veggies, all toppers, no jalapeno, extra coconut curry, Asian Street DustTM

  • The Miss Jones

    Lemongrass pork, chilled noodles, sauce tossed veggies, caramel egg, all toppers, no jalapeno, extra fish sauce

  • The Workout

    Skinless chicken, brown rice, extra steamed veggies, bean sprouts, pickled veggies, herbs, tamarind vinaigrette

  • The Ox Box

    Double beef, jasmine rice, sauce tossed veggies, all toppers, caramel egg, Asian Street DustTM, sriracha

& Drinks

Tofu Spring Roll
Shrimp Spring Roll
Green Papaya Salad
Jungle Jerky

Mint/Green Iced Tea
Lemon Lime Marmalade
Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Eazy-E: ½ Lemonade, ½ Ice tea

Grab from the case
Other Beverages

  • The Finest All-Natural Ingredients

    We use the same high-quality ingredients as the best fine dining restaurants.

  • Crunch Munch Textures & Flavors

    Our sustainably grown veggies offer you a variety of flavors & textures from which to choose.

  • Our Never-Ever Policy

    No Hormones. No Antibiotics. No Pesticides. All Natural Feeds and Humane Policies.

  • We Make Our Own Sauces

    All sauces & marinades are made in-house, right in our own restaurants!

We offer more clearly defined and authentic flavors Executive Chef Gracie Nguyen

Chef Gracie